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Types of history essays

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There are two types of iwriteessays review. The first is an essay on a quote. A quote of a famous historical figure is given, you analyze their activities and relate them to the quote. You conclude with your opinion.

Important: Support your point of view with historical events or facts from the biography of the hero.

Such an assignment is often given in high school and in non-core universities. It has one significant feature. As a rule, the personalities whose quotations are given for the essay are famous historical figures, in relation to whom there is an unambiguous generally accepted assessment. They are either positive or negative.

Therefore, you don't have to think much about analyzing such a personality. Giving you a quote from Goebbels, the teacher is not expecting to reason on the subject of justifying his actions.

The second type of history essay is an analysis of a historical period. This is a complex type of work, which requires a good knowledge of the chosen period. It is often written by history students.

The requirements by which the analysis of the historical period is evaluated:

  • Indicating at least two specific events in the selected period (these should be the main significant events - uprisings, wars, reforms, changes of power, adoption of fundamental documents);
  • Reflection of the role of at least two historical figures in these events (these could be rulers, uprising leaders, warlords, conspirators);
  • Disclosure of at least two cause-and-effect relationships (look at how the events described influenced the further development of the country);
  • Evaluate the significance of the period for the country's history (here, indicate whether the chosen stage was a crisis for the state, or, on the contrary, a period of prosperity);
  • Use of scientific terminology;
  • Absence of factual errors (dates, names, names of documents, geographical places, events);
  • Correct form of presentation.

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