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Barry Cowan
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Barry Cowan
Barry Cowan
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About Me

I started off in the Fluid Power and Robotics Engineering field but within few short years I found designing and selling control systems for automated machinery and processes inexplicably and tediously boring.  I figured out that without a form of major innovation within the projects I was working on, every system was a variation of something I'd already done.  I am grateful for that education and experience because it gave me an excellent understanding of "how things work" across so many different industries.

Then I spent a little over a decade as a Private Investigator and Bodyguard which could be boring but simultaneously very interesting work punctuated with moments of absolute insanity.   Those years of studying individual humans and their behaviours allowed me to understand so many  aspects of people at a much deeper level.  The unfortunate problem was that it made me dislike "people" at the same time.  You have to understand that in over ten years span I only found eight people for whom I couldn't prove their suspected transgression.  I had hung their pictures on my office wall as a tribute gallery to either "the honest ones"... or "the ones that got away".  To this day, I prefer to think it was the former but I sadly can't completely dismiss the latter.

Then I met my beautiful wife Maureen and wanted to get married and have a family, but not become "Uncle Dad" as that type of work is definitely not conducive to family life.  So I tried a few brand new things.

Door-to-door salesman.  Yup, that's right! For two years I made my money knocking on doors, making people smile, and selling them something.. which most of the time was really just the smile I had already given them for free.  I am actually so grateful for that opportunity because it literally taught me to like people again!

Then I drove a limousine for a couple of years.  This was another cathartic period which allowed me to interact and be with people on their best days and their worst days. Being part of their grief and their joy, and so much more.  This was also immensely healing to my once tarnished soul.  It's amazing what people will share with you if you are willing to actually listen and care about what they are saying.  I am extremely thankful to all those people, from so many varied lives, who opened up and shared parts of their lives with me...  most of whom, although surprised to find themselves in such a personal relationship with the chauffeur, expressed their gratitude for our connection too.  

Then twenty-odd years ago came the start of my latest chapter as I forged on into a multi-national corporate world where understanding both the workings of things and people at the same time turned out to be a fairly rare and valuable asset.  With the help from some of the finest men and women I have had the pleasure to know and work with, we built a business unit with both superior performance and profitability as well as a level of human harmony and caring that was unrivalled anywhere else in the corporation .  It was with this team that I felt the utmost pride in my work-life.  Then came the corporate buyout.  We would be left as separate unit, but we definitely had new parents.  Things changed.  The soul-crushers came.  With complete disregard to any form of humanity, conformity to the lowest possible denominator was to be mandated.  I resisted the new corporate mantra until I was removed on a Thursday last February.  Sweeping changes were announced to my team on the following Monday.  They were not happy ones.

So, with the kids grown, now my amazing wife and I are about to start our newest adventure in this brave new world of possibility, and because of insights born to us in no small part from the efforts of David and James...  we're actually looking forward it!!  🙂

Thank you David and James (and Kim!).  We owe you a debt of gratitude.  Never think that what you do here is not appreciated in the utmost!  If you ever get up to Canada... There's a fine meal and a night of conversation waiting for you!  Actually, come stay as long as you want.  It would be our honour!





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